College Essay Workshop (June August 2019)

While how important the college essay really is varies by the college you are applying to, a good college essay definitely has a role to play in your overall college application. It can be the deal clincher or deal breaker especially with top-tier colleges where there are tens of thousands of applicants with (almost) equally impressive quantifiable profiles in the form of perfect GPAs and standardized scores and laudable extracurricular activities. For the students with less impressive numbers to boast about, the college essay could actually propel you into schools that you otherwise could not have reached.

There's no denying that the earlier you prepare for the college essay, the better prepared you will be during application season. And, why not take advantage of the summer to get rev the engine of your college application and be off to a great head start?

In this 2-day, 4-hour workshop, you will be introduced to what the college essay is and should be about. You will be doing analysis of essays of real applicants who have success in gaining admission into top-tier colleges, thereby getting insights into how you may write your own college essay. 

This course will also introduce you to important elements in making your essay stand out in the flood of college essays, such as constructing the hook and leaving a memorable ending. 

Shuhong Lin